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Skills Transformation Program (STP)

  • Our unique Skills Transformation Program (STP) helps in swift transformation of resources in most effective & affordable way.
  • Firstly, we identify & evaluate skills gap for any job role, and then by applying our innovative training methods we bridge the skills gap; so that the resources meet your performance expectations.

Skills Transformation Program

As per India Skill Report 2022- Only 46% of Indian Youth is Employable
As per Skill Gap report by Udemy – 92% believe that there is a skill gap in India and 76% believe that they are affected by this skill gap.
Are your employees underperforming, due to such skills gap as well?

Our uniquely design skill development programs, helps you to identify and fill up the skill gaps , in most simple and affordable way.
Let’s see how skills transformation helped one of our clients to seamlessly replace An Accounts receivable executive by a fresher.

  • Firstly, we identified all the tasks of Accounts receivable executive.
  • Against each of this task, we mapped the processes and skills required to execute the same.
  • Apart from company specific SOPs, knowledge of IT &  accounting was required for this job.
  • Through comprehensive skills assessment, we identified skills gaps, for example in IT skills he needed training in ERP and some excel utilities, in accounting he required knowledge of GST and Accounting standards etcetera.
  • Following the lean approach for skill development, we focused only on the specific areas for improvement, making transformation more effective by saving time and cost.
  • So instead of training entire GST law or all the Accounting Standards, specific training which was required for job performance was given.

Value proposition-

So, on one hand by hiring a fresher, company could save 40% on salary cost and on other hand, by effective training we transform the new comer to deliver the same performance as that of outgoing resource.

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