wsvincent awesome-django: A curated list of awesome things related to Django

Johnny-cache – Johnny Cache is a caching framework for django applications. Logan – A toolkit for running standalone Django applications. It provides you with tools to create a CLI runner, manage settings, and the ability to bootstrap the process. Django-security – A collection of models, views, middlewares, and forms to help secure a Django project.

Django-allauth (⭐7.6k) – Improved user registration including social auth. Django-fakery (⭐93) – An easy-to-use implementation of Creation Methods for Django, backed by Faker. Flower (⭐5.4k) – Flower is a web-based tool for monitoring 11 Best Freelance WordPress Developers Hire in 48 Hours and administrating Celery clusters. Django-lifecycle (⭐1k) – Declarative model lifecycle hooks, an alternative to Signals. Django-cachalot (⭐971) – Caches your Django ORM queries and automatically invalidates them.

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Django-yubin – django-mailer2 + django-mailviews with some extras. Django-debug-toolbar – A configurable set of panels that display various debug information about the current request/response. Packages that create information dashboards to visualize data. Packages How to Install Python 3 on Ubuntu 18 04 or 20 04 Step-by-Step that help to keep compatibility of reusable apps between different Django versions. Cookiecutter – A command-line utility that creates projects from cookiecutters . Django-blog-it – complete customizable and ready to use blog with one click installer.

Django-dynamic-fixture – A complete library to create dynamic model instances for testing purposes. Django-split-settings – Organize Django settings into multiple files and directories. Django-seo2 – Provides a set of tools for managing Search Engine Optimisation metadata for Django sites. Django-nap – A minimalist approach to object serialization, RESTful views, and RPC views.

Check out our troubleshooting guide for answers to common questions about using Font Awesome on the Web. You can then follow the rest of our set up instructions to use Font Awesome Free or Pro in your Python project. If you’re not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages. Uses the widely supported, native Intl JavaScript libraryto detect the client’s timezone.

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Django-fluent-dashboard – An improved django-admin-tools dashboard for Django projects. Classy Class-Based Views – Detailed descriptions of methods/properties/attributes for each generic class-based view. Django-robots – This is a basic Django application to manage robots.txt files following the robots exclusion protocol, complementing the Django Sitemap contrib app.

Django-money – A little Django app that uses py-moneyed to add support for Money fields in your models and forms. Django-rules – A tiny but powerful app providing object-level permissions to Django, without requiring a database. At its core, it is a generic framework for building rule-based systems, similar to decision trees. It can also be used as a standalone library in other contexts and frameworks.

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Django-base-site – A Django site with many common third-party packages pre-installed. Django-pattern-library – Pattern library generator for Django templates, to help testing of UI components. Django-streamfield – Simple StreamField for plain Django admin .


Django-oscar-adyen – This package provides integration with the Adyen payment gateway. It is designed to work seamlessly with the e-commerce framework django-oscar but can be used without Oscar. Packages that extend the functionality of forms or add new types of forms. Django-phonenumber-field – A Django library which interfaces with python-phonenumbers to validate, pretty print and convert phone numbers. Dj-rest-auth – Drop-in API endpoints for handling authentication securely in Django Rest Framework. Works especially well with SPAs (e.g React, Vue, Angular), and Mobile applications.

Impostor – Impostor is a Django application which allows staff members to login as a different user by using their own username and password. Django-hijack – Admins can log in and work on behalf of other users without having to know their credentials. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Django has 16 years worth of work put into it and is extremely well tested. It implements a lot of the security things I have no interest in trying myself, like password hashing, sanitizing, etc.

  • Python-webpack – Python bindings for webpack with django integration.
  • Django-floppyforms – django-floppyforms is an application that gives you full control of the output of forms rendering.
  • This changes the icon and increments/decrements the like count.
  • Django-extensions – This is a repository for collecting global custom management extensions for the Django Framework.

Django-stronghold – Stronghold is middleware to default all your views to login required. Djangorestframework-recursive – Recursive Serialization for Django REST framework. Packages that make it easier to work with geographical information system projects. Django-searchable-select – A better and faster multiple choice widget with suggestions. Django-location-field – Location field and widget integrated with google maps.

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Djorm-ext-pgfulltext – PostgreSQL full-text search integration with django orm. Packages that extend the functionality of models or add new classes of models. Django-pushy – Django app that provides push notifications functionality with celery. The main purpose of this app is to help you send push notifications to your users at scale. Python-social-auth – Python Social Auth is an easy-to-setup social authentication/registration mechanism with support for several frameworks and auth providers.

Django-shapeshifter (⭐166) – A class-based view to handle multiple forms in one view. Django-extra-settings (⭐257) – Config and manage typed extra settings using just the django admin. Django-constance (⭐1.5k) – A Django app for storing dynamic settings in pluggable backends with an integration with the Django admin app. Django-import-export (⭐2.5k) – Django application and library for importing and exporting data with admin integration. Django-modeltranslation – Translate dynamic content of existing Django models to an arbitrary number of languages without having to change the original model classes. Django-dynamic-preferences – Dynamic global and instance settings for your django project.


Django-configurations (⭐945) – eases Django project configuration by relying on the composability of Python classes and following principles of the twelve-factor app. Django-click (⭐213) – Write Django management commands using the click CLI library. Django-rest-framework-simplejwt (⭐3.2k) – JSON web tokens for DRF. Cookiecutter-django – A cookiecutter template for creating Django projects quickly. Towel – a collection of tools which make your life easier if you are building a web application using Django. Django-websocket-redis – Websockets for Django applications using Redis as message queue.

Iommi – Toolkit for development of CRUD applications without writing HTML or JavaScript. Sockpuppet – Build reactive applications with the Django tooling you already know and love. Django-configurations – eases Django project configuration by relying on the composability of Python classes and following principles of the twelve-factor app. Django-click – Write Django management commands using the click CLI library. Unless your requirements call for extreme performance needs or massively big data, Django can probably handle your workload just fine. Retort to Candie’s gloating, informing him that Alexandre Dumas, the guy who wrote Candie’s favorite book, is black.

It’s widely used, and so it is relatively easy to find people who can work on a Django codebase compared to something more obscure. Django embraces convention over configuration, so if you’ve worked on one Django codebase you can probably work on another. I’ve been pleased with how easy it has been to keep Django upgraded. It feels like relatively little has changed in a backwards incompatible way compared to some of the frontend churn I’ve experienced.

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Sos-django-template (⭐19) – Django starter template with separate dev and production settings. Django-startproject (⭐79) – Django start project template with batteries. Django-project-template (⭐637) – A deliberately basic project that has multiple staging environments and Heroku deployment config. Cookiecutter-django (⭐9.9k) – A full-bodied starter project, highly customizable. Classy Django Forms (⭐20) – Detailed descriptions of methods/properties/attributes for each form class.

Django-aggregate-if – Conditional aggregates for Django queries, just like the famous SumIf and CountIf in Excel. Django-migrations-graph – Django-admin command to display migrations with dependencies. Packages that help migrate the database when there are schema updates.

Django-allauth – Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party account authentication. Django-baton (⭐657) – A cool, modern and responsive django admin application based on bootstrap How and Why You Should Build Internet of Things Devices with Node js 5. Django packages – Django Packages is a directory of reusable apps, sites, tools, and more for your Django projects. Django-dashing – a customisable, modular dashboard application framework for Django to visualize interesting data about your project.

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